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Characteristics of solid tire for micro cultivator

Micro cultivator solid tire in use is very has its own characteristics, are generally used in some large machinery, such tire has the characteristics of high load, driving distance. Therefore, it will become more safe, save money and make money.
Introduction of solid tire for micro cultivator
Micro cultivator solid tire is no inner tube pneumatic tire, also known as "low pressure tire" "pneumatic tire". In recent years, vacuum tire has been widely used in large mechanical equipment. Vacuum tire has high elasticity and wear resistance, and has good adhesion and heat dissipation performance, economic and durable. The characteristics of solid tire of micro-cultivator are different from ordinary tire:
Resistance to puncture
The surface of solid tire of micro-cultivator is a layer of high-quality rubber. After inflation, the external tension increases, and the inner surface forms a certain pressure, which improves the self-sealing ability of the tear. Once punctured, unlike ordinary tires, the gas is completely emptied in an instant, which will last for a certain period of time, and ensures the safety of high-speed driving.
Super durable
The solid tire rim of the micro-cultivator is larger in diameter than that of the ordinary tire rim, so it will not be affected by the heat of the brake drum during driving. Because there is no inner tube and lining belt, the tire and wheel rim seal as a whole, in the vehicle at high speed, the high temperature generated by the tire and road friction, in the internal (hot air) directly through the ring heat quickly reduce the tire temperature, so as to prolong the service life of the tire.
Low fuel consumption
The solid tire of micro-cultivator is flat tire in metric unit 315/80R22.5,295/80R22.5,275/70R22.5, the crown Angle of tire is zero, so the adhesion is strong. It can maintain better driving stability and small friction, which is conducive to shock absorption and increase speed. The positioning of the belt layer is high, the radial runout of the wheel is small, and the resistance is small. Thus saving fuel by 3%.
The above is about the content of the solid tire of the micro-cultivator. It needs to be distinguished according to the relevant mechanical type when using it

Post time: Apr-20-2022