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Rubber-priced tires may usher in a surge in prices

The reporter online seach related information that the recent 3 months, the international maaaarket rubber prices all the way helicopter. In november 2009, the orice of natural rubber was 28000yuan /ton; by december . it had exceeded 30000yuan /ton, it rose to 34000yuan a ton in January, up by a third in just three months. The same goes for synthetic rubber, which was 27000 yuan per ton November , but has now risen to 21000yuan per ton, almost doubling in price compared to the same period last year.

Industry insiders said the rise in furtures rubber prices since last year was mainly due to strong  demand for rubber in China’s tireproduction, as weel as a decline in raw material production due to bad weather in big rubber producers Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia, and demand outstripped supply. Las year, China’s automible production reached 13.79 million units and its sales volume reached 13.64 million units , making it the world’s largest automible producer and seller.

Strong demand for tyres, coupled with a shortage of rubber, makes them more affordable.

Because the current domestic sales of horse brand tires are imported from abroad, ther will be a transportation cycle, so the price of raw materials will also have a lag; From the point of view of the sales of products, con entrated on the sports tires  and performance tires the brand image of the  high-end route, so even if there is a price increase ,the range will not be too obvious.

In fact, copled with the Spring f微信图片_20220930102957微信图片_20221112100559estival is coming soon, it will be more reassuring to change the tire before going back home for a long run.

Post time: Nov-12-2022