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Specializing in the production of various wheelbarrow wheels

Wheel barrow is a common means of transportation, its wheel is a relatively important part.General wheel barrow wheels have polyurethane foam wheels, inflatable rubber wheels , solid rubber wheel,etc. Main sizes are 6X2’’, 8X2.50-4, 10X3.00-4, 300-8,10X3.50-4,350-6, 350-7,350-8, 400-8, 400-10,etc. We are a collection of design, development, making and sales for the international trade business booming.
Polyurethane foam wheel:with wear resistance, strong resistance to sewage, used for environmental protection and dust free industry, and the polyurethane material on the ground friction water absorption is small, so the noise is small, light weight and heat insulation.

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Rubber wheel:rubber itself has elasticity and resistance to slip, it can be able to move securely and safely while transporting goods. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, but the friction coefficient is larger and the noise is larger.
There also two kinds of rubber wheel, inflatable rubber wheel and solid rubber wheel. Both types of tires have their pros and cons.
Inflatable tires are widely used and cheaper. The durability of pneumatic tires is poor on problematic roads. For example, the ground gravel, waste slag, iron filings, the performance of pneumatic tires is weak, poor durability. But they do not hurt the ground, they are more energy efficient, they are better at shock absorption and skid resistance. Of course there are many quality levels to choose for suiting different situation.

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Solid rubber tires have better durability, explosion proof and safety, and stronger ability to with stand gravity. Although solid rubber tires are better than pneumatic rubber tires in these aspects, they are much worse than pneumatic rubber tires in practical operations , so most wheelbarrow still choose pneumatic rubber wheels.

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Anyway, you can choose the wheels according to your needs. We will be competitive price, better service to provide you with high quality products. Hope with business visitors from all walks of life to join hands in creating a better tomorrow.

Post time: Feb-10-2023