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5.00-12 6.00-12 Agricultural tyre tractor tiller wheel

Short Description:

Tyre  naturai rubber
Pattern herringbone
Size 5.00-12/6.00-12
Diameter 560mm/600mm
Rim metal(colour as your request)
Ply rating 6pr/8pr/10pr

Various Optional models, brand can be customized!

Product Detail

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5.00-12 6.00-12 Agricultural tyre tractor tiller wheel
Agricultural /Tractor tire
Strong Grip
Durable /wear-resistant
High performance

5.00-12 6.00-12 Agricultural tyre tractor tiller wheel (5)

Double inner ring

1.Double reinforcement
2.Increase the thickness of the tire
3.Adapt to bad road conditions

5.00-12 6.00-12 Agricultural tyre tractor tiller wheel (6)

Exquisite workmanship

1.Tread of tire is smooth
2.All parts are refined and practical
3.Durable ,wear-resistant, long service life
Adopt rubber ,High tensile stength,Good elongation rath,Good shock absorption
The edge of the tyre is double reinforced to enhance grip without losing cleanliness
Strong anti-skid wear resiatance ,wide range of adaptability.

5.00-12 6.00-12 Agricultural tyre tractor tiller wheel (7)

Rim And Nut Materials

Full supported rims are more resistant to pressure
Standard screws
The nut is made of high quality steel , which has high hardness and high toughness
Exquisite accessories design ensures the stability of the wheel when rolling

5.00-12 6.00-12 Agricultural tyre tractor tiller wheel (1)


1)Large selection of sizes ensure the perfect fit for your equipment.
2)Dual angled ugs bracing for better traction , more tability and less squirm.
3)Dual rubber compounds-flexible rubber on the side walls to resist weather cracking plus super-tough rubber on the tread for long wear.
4)Bead-and-rim flange protector reducing downtime by keeping out debris.


Tractor excavator, trailer, harvester, spreader, solid tillage and spraying machines.
Berfore-sale Service:
1. offer professional quotation according to different market demands with best and competitive prices;
2. choose best shipping lines to arrange quick loading and delivery after confirmed order details;
3. help clients to solve any problems during shipping and customs clearance at port of dishcarge.
After-sale Service:
1. support clients to promote tyres with kinds of different ways according to real situtation   
 (TV, news paper, shop-head decoration, poster advertisement, tyre show, promotion stuff etc.);
2. offer professional guidance during tyre-usage and solve any questions drivers meeting for tyres;
3. execute excellent quality warranty for any tyres which damaged by quality & production issue;
4. help clients to solve any questions during cooperation at any time & any where. 

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