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PU foam wheel is a kind of environmental protection tire, tire material is polyurethane, puncture resistance, no inflation, high cost characteristics.

Foamed tire made of foamed plastic material, with size stability, change rate < 1%. And chemical stability, anti-corrosion and anti-aging, especially the ability to organic solution, strong acid, weak alkali corrosion characteristics. The foamed tire made of foamed plastic has the characteristics of light weight, saving material, absorbing impact load, heat insulation and sound insulation and high strength because of the existence of bubbles.
Foamed tires don't have to worry about punctured tires, don't have to pump. Pneumatic tire, also known as hollow tire, refers to the inner cavity of the tire needs to be filled with compressed gas, and can maintain internal pressure. There are tube tires and tubeless tires. This kind of tire has good cushioning and damping performance and low rolling resistance because the inner cavity is filled with gas or liquid.
Pu foam tire compound series, its characteristics are: non-toxic, tasteless, no heating, simple sound field process, stable product quality, easy to master;
The weight of the tires produced is 1/2 that of rubber tires;
Wear resistance is 6 times of rubber tires;
The bending rate is 5 times that of rubber tires;
It retains its elasticity at minus 50 degrees,
Acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance is 3.5 times of rubber tires;
Elasticity is 3 times higher than rubber tires;
Can be customized according to the hardness, density, specifications of all kinds of tires.
Pu wheel and rubber wheel difference
● Different nature
◆ Rubber wheel: rubber wheel is in a variety of vehicles or machinery assembled on the ground rolling circular elastic rubber wheel products.
◆ PU wheel: pu wheel.
● Different characteristics
1. Characteristics of rubber wheel:
(1) When rubber products are formed, the cohesion of elastomers cannot be eliminated after high pressure pressing. When the rubber product is separated from the mold, the shrinkage of the elastomer is very unstable (the shrinkage of rubber varies according to the type of rubber). The elastomer must slowly settle down over time.
Therefore, at the beginning of rubber product design, both formula and mold, must carefully calculate the degree of coordination. Otherwise, the product size will be unstable, the product quality will be very low.
(2) Rubber is a thermosetting elastomer, and plastic is a thermosetting elastomer. The temperature range for rubber molding and vulcanization varies greatly depending on the main type of sulfide and may even be affected by climate change and indoor temperature and humidity. Therefore, the production conditions of rubber products need to be adjusted at any time. Otherwise, there may be differences in product quality.
2. PU wheel features: elastic can play a certain damping effect (even better than the inflatable wheel), good grip, not easy to slip, more wear resistant, comfortable performance is good.

Post time: May-26-2022